Developing on the fly

If you see any weirdness for the next few days, please excuse it. I’m trying out MTV and doing some theme development without testing. The best way to learn something new is to use it for something, so why not make my own personal blog the guinea pig? If my experiment fails, I’ll just revert back to the theme I was using before.


I got it working. I had to make one modification to the core, as I am on shared hosting, and I have an open_basedir restriction. The code uses a folder in /tmp, and on my system, I have no access to it. I worked around it by placing the temporary files inside the plugin directory. Not ideal, but it worked.

There were a few problems with the example themes as well. The simple theme worked ok, but the twentyeleven theme was broken. I made some modifications and submitted them back through github.

Anyway, not everything works, but I’m calling it close enough for now. There’s no commenting (sorry), and search doesn’t work either. I did make the category and tag pages work. Before my changes, they were giving 404 errors.

Bloxy-two theme comment fix

People were getting 404 errors on charts for charity when trying to comment.  The comments were coming through just fine, but they would be redirected to the 404 page after the comment went through.  Turns out, there is a bug in the bloxy-two theme causing it.  First, I upgraded to WordPress 3.0 thinking that might fix it, but when that failed, a little googling solved the problem for me.  I should have known that with the active community at someone would have run into it before me.  If you stumble upon the same and end up here, continue on to the source of the fix.