MTV Follow-up fail

A while back, I wrote about wordpress as a framework, and how I was going to follow up in a few weeks with some thoughts on MTV, which is a project that wants to make wordpress even more framework-like. Well, “a while back” at this point is actually almost an entire year, and I have yet to follow up. Fail. Getting enough time to properly review something is hard, so I’ve instead thrown together a few thoughts that can pretend to be a real review when they grow up.

First, let me say what I like. I love the M in MTV. Using the core models makes working with posts, users, attachments, etc, so much nicer than using the wordpress functions themselves. Because the project was so young when I first tried using it, it could be a bit frustrating to learn that something wasn’t implemented (like avatar images), but over time, that has improved.

I also like being able to create my own models, and MTV keeps storage a detail, so if I don’t want to mix my models into the wp_posts table (like built-in post types have you do), then I can do that.

I understand why it was chosen, and I like that it forces you to use better practices, but I really wish MTV would have stuck with PHP for html templates instead of going with Twig. It makes it nearly impossible to take existing themes and port them to MTV. It’s probably because I come from the Rails community where erb templates are just ruby. I’m sure having a full-featured language at your disposal in the view is exactly what the developers of MTV were trying to avoid, because it leads to misuse, but when you need it and it isn’t there, it’s can be really frustrating.

So, the verdict? Overall I like it. In my opinion, it still needs to mature before it’s ready for a larger audience to adopt it. I also have my own doubts that the wordpress community as a whole would ever adopt MTV or something like it. It would be for its own benefit, but the community seems to embrace its chaos rather than shun it. But that’s probably another blog post all together. It’s also one I probably will never write, as it would just be food for the trolls.