I want… iOS vs. Android

UPDATE – This post is over a year old now. An updated version of this post can be found here.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now.  I own both an iPod Touch and a Droid 2.  I primarily use the Droid 2, but I still occasionally fall back to the Touch when I want to do specific things.  This is my short list of “I wants” for both platforms.


  • Swype – This is the main thing I miss when using iOS. Tap typing feels slow and clunky compared to dragging my fingers over the letters.
  • Adobe Flash – Yeah, yeah, I know… Flash can be annoying because so many ads use it, but when you are browsing news and there’s a video, or a nifty interactive graphic you just want to see it. You don’t care what technology it uses.
  • Google Reader App – Sure you can use the mobile web version of Reader, but the native version for Android is quick to load and quick to respond.
  • Sync over WiFi.  I want to subscribe to a podcast and have it update over wifi.


  • Netflix – I love watching TV shows or movies on the iPod Touch. It’s supposedly not available on Android yet because of DRM issues.  Boo.
  • Experience – I sometimes experience lock ups or jerky scrolling, or just plain weirdness.  I’ve had icons go missing, and applications disappear until I went back to the market and reinstalled them.  With iOS, I haven’t had any of those issues.