Musings on RailsConf 2014

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This is a bit late, but I wanted to ramble for a bit on RailsConf 2014. I have a few main points that can be summarized as: TDD isn’t dead, but we’ve opened up a conversation about how useful it is. RailsConf is less and less about Rails each year and that’s ok. The Rails/Ruby… Read more »

New blog theme

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It sometimes feels as if I change themes more often than I post. Anyway, I extend many thanks to 320press and bootswatch for the new look.

Humble Bundle for Android 3

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The Humble Bundle is awesome as always. What is there not to like about cross platform (including Linux) and DRM free games? Plus buying helps support worthy charities like EFF and Child’s Play.

Swype beta on a Google Nexus 7

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I’m writing this post using the Swype beta on my new Google Nexus 7 tablet. At this point, I am completely spoiled. I’ll never be able to go back to using a normal keyboard on a tablet device. I got used to Swype on my Droid 2, but this beta is even better than the… Read more »

Comment on “There’s a hungry digital tiger waiting for us all . . .”

Posted by & filed under News. Interesting read. Being in technology, I see this problem too. I call it “code rot”. If a program we’ve written sits on the shelf unused, it slowly becomes incompatible with the inevitable upgrades to our systems. Open source software seems to be an exception to this. As Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux… Read more »

I want… iOS vs. Android revisited

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I wrote this post about my wishlist for iOS and Android over a year ago, and it’s due for a refresh. iOS Swype – it’s still missing. The keyboard on iOS is still much the same. The split keyboard showed up in iOS 5, but really nothing for my iPod touch. There is a hidden auto-complete suggestion… Read more »

Hard drive cleanup

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I’ve been doing some hard drive cleanup at home. Yeah, I know, what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Unfortunately, if I don’t clean things up from time to time, I end up with a mess. The main one being a desktop that has millions of files on it, and one folder called “Download”… Read more »

I want… iOS vs. Android

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UPDATE – This post is over a year old now. An updated version of this post can be found here. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now.  I own both an iPod Touch and a Droid 2.  I primarily use the Droid 2, but I still occasionally fall back to the Touch… Read more »

Shameless Self Promotion

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Well, ok, maybe it’s not entirely shameless, but it’s certainly self promotion.  I recently set up a WordPress blog for my wife.  She’s an avid knitter, and she enjoys creating color-work charts.  Of course, getting the site to show up on “the Google” for the keywords we want isn’t exactly an easy task.  It takes… Read more »