Musings on RailsConf 2014

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This is a bit late, but I wanted to ramble for a bit on RailsConf 2014. I have a few main points that can be summarized as: TDD isn’t dead, but we’ve opened up a conversation about how useful it is. RailsConf is less and less about Rails each year and that’s ok. The Rails/Ruby… Read more »

jQuery data and JSON

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jQuery is picky about the JSON that is read from in HTML5 data elements. Of course, it’s not really jQuery that’s at fault, it’s simply that the JSON spec is a lot more strict than simple javascript. In javascript, I can define an object like this: Note the lack of quotes on the key names… Read more »

Community Calendar API

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At work, we had a hackathon and developed some sample apps that make use of our new HoopaNow API. HooplaNow is a community calendar in Iowa’s Creative Corridor. These are still works in progress, but there is a Sinatra app called simply hooplanow_api_example for you Rubyists out there, and a wordpress plugin for those of… Read more »

Learning git made me a better svn user

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Before learning git, I rarely created branches in svn projects. Honestly, I don’t know why. It seemed like too much work, but really that was just because I didn’t do it. Now, whenever I start a new feature, I create a branch first. Sure, it creates a branch on the svn server that may or… Read more »

ActiveRecord: self.field vs field

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TL;DR version:“self.field” is only necessary when you are assigning a new value to a field. It always confused me why it seemed like sometimes using the field name from the database failed to work in model methods that I wrote. When the method was simple, things would work fine, but then something would happen and… Read more »

My .gitconfig

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Here’s my current .gitconfig file. It’s very simple, but it makes using git so much better. git s is a simplified git status, and git l is a log that shows one-line commit messages and a tree that shows where branches and merges were made. I also highly recommend you check out the table below,… Read more »

Test IE virtual machines made easy

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I just have to take a minute and thank @xdissent et al. for the amazing work done on ievms. I was able to install IE 6,7,8 and 9 virtual machines without hardly any work on my part. I am running Ubuntu 12.04, and after uninstalling the virtualbox package found in the standard repository and installing… Read more »